Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Condos, Condos, and More Condos

An Atlanta based company is planning on building their own condominium complex atop the parking deck of the Westin Charlotte Hotel. The six-story deck will see a few more layers of parking and 90 condos. The average price for the exclusive condos is around $1,000,000 and residents will have access to Westin services. One area that is still uncertain is whether there will be offices in the mix somewhere in this project.


joekarns1 said...

New Web Giant Launches Portal Site – Plans on Dominating Web-based Real Estate Sector

Chicago, IL based Profertee Realty Group, inc launches its much anticipated real estate portal site (www.profertee.com) Monday morning. Partnering with Melville, NY based American Home Mortgage(NYSE: AHM) and Home Buyers Marketing inc, Profertee’s site is boasting access to over 3.6 million real estate listings nation wide, as well as various premium new construction developments located in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Chicago, just to name a few. Profertee’s mission is to offer a free, user-friendly real estate shopping experience, while also providing additional value-added features such as investment groups, home-valuation tools through Zillow integration, useful real estate investing strategies, and free mortgage quotes through American Home’s retail channels. “We are truly a one-stop-shop”, says Profertee CEO Rhoniel Daguro. “The site has everything a user could want, but we really wanted to feature the premier new construction developments. That is something that no one is really organizing online, and we’ve taken things one step further by forming buyers into investment groups, giving them access to considerable savings at the various developments.”

Profertee also provides local one-on-one services through the thousands of realtors approved with Home Buyers Marketing, inc. Users can create an account on www.profertee.com to search over 3.6 million listings for a home anywhere in the US and still deal with a local partner agent once they are closer to buying. It is in this way that Profertee is providing the best of both worlds: the power of the internet + traditional local realtor partners. Navigate to www.profertee.com today and test drive their site. Also stay tuned for our follow up segment on Profertee in June.

Profertee – Prosperity in Property: Exclusive New Developer Condos http://www.profertee.com

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